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Jodie Handsley. I don't take life too seriously. Madly in love, really really likes sleep.


the size of your thighs, or your waist, doesn’t matter

its the size of your bank account that we really care about


Whose ready for sweater weather because I am. I wanna wear sweaters and drink hot chocolate and watch the rain cry on my window pane


how are people turned off by tattoos they are so fucking hot


i find bad jokes funnier than funny jokes


breathe if im your favorite blog

thank you


how weird is the thought that some of the biggest days of our lives haven’t even happened yet

  • mom: what do u want 4 birthdy??
  • me: video gaem
  • mom: no vid game, child.
  • me: money
  • mom: 4 what
  • me: for video gm ae
  • mom: outsmarted agen


All pedophiles are trash, no exceptions. There is no “Kink-shaming” about it. Protect survivors at all costs.

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